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O Pioneiro do Comunismo no Partido Democrata faleceu hoje: George McGovern




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Yes, George McGovern did radicalize the Democratic Party…literally. He re-wrote the rules on nomination, understood them, and after George Wallace was shot, thereby eliminating the possibility of a brokered convention, he got himself nominated, only to go down in utterly ignomenious defeat.

Yet it was McGovern who created the new Democratic party, which hated the military, hated the intelligence agencies, opposed any war we were involved in, supported all our foes, justified anyone who hated America denigrated our past, our history, poked fun at our Constitution, deconstructed our institutions. It was McGovern and his tools who drove the moderate Democrats such as Scoop Jackson out of the party and made the Republican Party the majority party in America from 1972 to today….the Democrats only win when the majority party splits (think of 1912 and Taft vs Roosevelt) or in extrodinary circumstances (1976, 2008).

Yep, McGovern has a lot to answer for. He sure as heck helped create (with a lot of help from the lame-stream News Business) the unbelievable ideological gulf separating half of America from the other

bbface21 10/21/2012 10:32 PM GMT-0200

From the editorial:   “But the greatest damage to his campaign probably came from the excesses of a sizable part of his antiwar constituency, which imposed on the campaign an image that belied its candidate and his beliefs.”
It was the far left, with those who admired Communists and despised the values most Americans have, that did him in.
McGovern never shared those beliefs, but like the Occupy movement, he was a man of good intentions who couldn’t shake the radical elements.

 JKHill 10/21/2012 10:07 PM GMT-0200

Translate for both of you…Socialist Government or Government Over All…the same thing folks. And what does this have to do with flying sorties over Germany? Leftists, Progressives, Socialists, Democrats, Liberals…what ever you call yourselves…all you want to do is enslave the working person and make them dependent on your government leaders so you can cement your power. Reference….Hugo Chavez. Probably another person McGovern admired.

JKHill -10/21/2012 9:56 PM GMT-0200

No sir…Nixon was the lesser of 2 evils. Leftists like McGovern would have lost the Cold War, sold out to the Soviets….a system he admired anyway…and we would have become a Cuba by now.


Trecho do NYTIMES:

“Mr. McGovern benefited from new party rules that he had been largely responsible for writing, and from a corps of devoted young volunteers, including Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham, who took time off from Yale Law School to work on the campaign in Texas.

The nominating convention in Miami was a disastrous start to the general election campaign. There were divisive platform battles over Vietnam, abortion, welfare and court-ordered busing to end racial discrimination. The eventual platform was probably the most liberal one ever adopted by a major party in the United States. It advocated immediate withdrawal from Vietnam, amnesty for war resisters, abolition of the draft, a guaranteed job for all Americans and a guaranteed family income well above the poverty line.”

Leia mais no NYT:


Exile and influence

After Sen. McGovern’s overwhelming loss in the 1972 election, Democrats lost three of the next four presidential contests. That prompted the centrist Democratic Leadership Council to urge the party’s subsequent nominees to avoid “McGovernism,” which it defined as far-left stances that were out of sync with Middle America. By 1992, Bill Clinton was elected president on a moderate platform that steered away from hard-left positions.

Sen. McGovern won reelection to the Senate in 1974 but was targeted for defeat by Republicans in 1980 and lost by a wide margin to then-Rep. James Abdnor. Angered by the political attacks, Sen. McGovern founded the political interest group Americans for Common Sense in 1981. He launched a brief presidential bid for the 1984 nomination, promoting a national health-care system and reductions in the military budget, but he ended his bid after losses in the early primaries.

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