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Se acontecer do Iraque ser o Primeiro Estado Terrorista do Mundo, a culpa é do Primeiro Presidente Negro dos Estados Unidos que retirou as tropas americanas do Iraque


Will the World’s First Terror State be Formed by ISIS?

So what was that refrain again? Bin Laden is deadAl-Qaeda has been decimated and is on the run. Does that mean we are safer now?

Not hardly.

Terrorism is expanding rapidly and terrorist controlled areas are growing ever larger as they see weakness in the West and the impotence of Barack Obama.

Islamists are expanding their reach and influence with abandon, leaving a wake of death and destruction wherever they go.

Nigeria, the Sudan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, China, Lebanon, Central African Republic, Libya, Syria and of course Iraq have seen terrorist attacks just in the past few weeks.

By far the West’s, and particularly our greatest worry in America, must be ISIS. In a short period of time, their ranks have swelled from those 1300 fighters who took Mosul to between 10 and 15,000.

They are well-equipped and well-funded – confiscating American military supplies such as humvees, armored vehicles and by some reports, even Black Hawk helicopters. A good source of continued funding has been from cleaning out Iraqi banksin the territories that they now control.

Unlike other terror groups, ISIS is not in hiding. They are not operating in the shadows. In fact they have produced recruitment videos on YouTube, and are becoming active on social media – Twitter, Facebook and the messenger service Kik.

They actively encourage Western would-be jihadists to message them privately in an effort to recruit Westerners/Americans.

They had even developed an online magazine, the Weekly Islamic State Report, published by ISIS’ AlHayat Media Center – chronicling their triumphs, complete with execution videos. Yes – they have their own media center.

On the Internet, you may purchase ISIS T-shirts, baseball caps and jihadist plush toys that even come with their own black ISIS flag. It’s true!

If left unchecked, ISIS will become the world’s first terrorist state. They will realize their goal of a caliphate and it will certainly not stop there.

There have been recent reports that the al-Qaeda offshoot from Syria, the al-Nusra front will join ISIS. The leader of al-Nusra, Abu Yusuf al-Masri has allegedly already pledged his allegiance to ISIS.

If these two gangs merge it will double the size of ISIS overnight, swelling their ranks to approaching 30,000.

As they grow in size and stature, the terror state will only attract more jihadist, and this will become a problem for the United States, whom they see as the evil Empire.

As is par for the course, at least one anonymous U.S. Intelligence source said the Obama administration ignored warnings of the ISIS threat at the beginning of 2014.

Secretary of State “Lurch” Kerry denies they had any warning and I’m sure Obama just heard about it from watching the news.

ISIS may become a threat unlike we’ve ever seen. If they are allowed to propagate, they will become a formidable force and like Dick Cheney, I believe we may see an event or series of events in this country that will dwarf the 9/11 attacks.

They may even eclipse the threat of global warming

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