Was the Las Vegas Shooting Last Sunday Directed at Trump Supporters?

The Las Vegas shooting this past Sunday night, was basically directed at Trump Supporters.

This was stated, oddly enough by a White house staff CNN reporter, Jeff Zelany who was asked to comment on the commentary by Trump on the Las Vegas Shooting.

He said his [Trump’s] tone was “pitch perfect” Something to keep in mind that the concert was likely mostly Trump supporters since Country Music fans are mostly Trump supporters.

This was also followed by a comment that the Sunday Massacre affected the tapestry of all Americans and there is going to be victims from across the country here. It’s not sure why he felt it necessary to emphasize that many of the victims would be Trump supporters.

It’s not entirely something proven, but there’s been some allegations that the girl friend is somewhat tied to ISIS. (so some articles state) but this is within the realm of hearsay at this point. Also, the shooter also was alleged to have been involved in Antifa.

This may later be proven to be correct or incorrect. Time will tell, since it’s still early. If correct, this would line up that the whole event was planned as an attack on Trump supporters. The fact that the shooter has killed himself in the process, will do little to assuage the anger and pain in the minds and hearts of the Trump supporter victims.

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