Apanhou de refugiado porque é branco de olhos azuis – Quando se volta contra o povo que o acolheu – Swedish child beaten by muslim immigrant for having blue eyes

The original text in Swedish can be found here.


Unbelievable: The 12-year-old boy in the Swedish city of Helsingborg was instructed of Arab immigrants so because he has blue eyes:

The 15-year-old immigrant had acc. District Court asked the Swedish boy, what colors have his eyes. He replied “blue green”. The 15-year-old [Arabs] saw this as a provocation.
15-year-old wants nach the district court asking a Swedish boy on his eye color, where upon the Swede shoulderstand have answered “blue-green”. An answer like 15-year-old unknown reason Perceived as provocative.

Two witnesses said they had the 15-year-old [Arab Muslim] saw how he hit the boy’s face. He beat him further into the break. The 15-year-old was convicted of verbal threats and beatings to pay a fine.

Two witnesses say They saw the 15-year-old Swedish boy assign the a slap in the face and Said he would continue beating him at the school break. 15-year-old convicted THEREFORE illegal threats and beatings call to a daily fine.

The 15-year-old denied the fact, claiming that he was misunderstood because of language difficulties – as his first language is Arabic.

Self denies 15-year-old crimes and claims he has been misunderstood did: because of language difficulties, as his first language is Arabic.

Source : FriaTider Inrikes

It was supposed to represent the state in court and the integration authorities should the boy zahnlen a physical bond, at the expense of the immigrant Arab Muslims!

As interest in an article that we found itself as a translation into English, conspicuously large (very large number of hits), here is the Swedish item in the original, from which we einkopieren technical reasons here a quote:



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