Um Papa que pede benção para o carrasco Fidel Castro Rúz e diz que Trump não é cristão!

WHOA! Trump DESTROYS The Pope In EPIC Nine Word Response!!

Trump was at his Trumpiest when he responded to the Pope – the Vicar of Christ as most Catholics believe – who said of Trump that ‘anyone who wants to build walls should also build bridges or he’s not a Christian.’

The Donald showed that he’s not ever gonna back down, even to the representative of the Son of God on Earth!!!

 Here’s how he slapped down the Pope and his attempt to beat him down with the Bible!

Watch below:

Trump: Vatican Has ‘An Awfully Big Wall’


Never in the history of the church has a Vicar of Christ been slammed with just a perfect nine-word response like The Donald threw down!!!

In case you missed it, our next President said, “He’s got an awfully big wall at the Vatican!” And then he said he was “disgraceful”!! WOW!!

I think the Donald is quoting directly from his extensive knowledge of “Two Corinthians.” I doubt we’ll hear any more from the supposed Pope after this epic smackdown!!

What do you think? Did Trump totally slap down the Pope? Let us know what you think in the comments below!!

And if you want some more Pope-slapping action from The Donald, check out this page with all things Trump!!

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