Racismo contra Branco na África do Sul do Mandela – O que seu professor não conta pra você

By J Mare – 20/08/2013

The Afriforum civil rights organization has organized several successful protest against, what they call farm attacks. It is now common knowledge that Afrikaner farmers are disproportionately murdered by looting savages, as far afield as the European parliament and elsewhere.

Two years ago Flemish member of the European Parliament, #PhilipClaeys even confronted SA president Jacob Zuma (on official visit to the EU), about the horrific slaughter of Afrikaner farmers. Since then #Afriforum has stressed the importance of this very vulnerable group as food providers, but the government has refused to prioritize crimes against these Afrikaners.

Urban #Afrikaners however are suffering just as much at the hands of these vivious gangs as the following photo shows. On the left Afrikaner farmer #IsabelCoetzer, was attacked on her farm in Kiepersol district, on Sunday 19082013, and on the right on Monday 20082013 urban Afrikaner #AndreKruger sustained gruesome injuries inside his home in Valhalla PTA, fending of brutal attackers who almost crushed his skull – SOURCE, Sunette Bridges News.


Although both people luckily survived, it begs the question whether there are indeed a separate label needed, when describing these acts of horror against Afrikaners and, whether we shouldn’t call these #atrocities by its rightfull name, act of genocide against a small minority and extremely vulnerable people.

These stories are by no means the only acts of brutallity the Afrikaner community has had to absorb in the last 24 to 48 hours, News pages can literally not keep up adding content of this nature, and many more do not even make it into the news stream flashing across our screens.

Many Afrikaners spend their days, dreading the night time and some even lock themselves inside their homes as soon as they return home from work, preparing themselves for another restless night of waiting.

The horror never seem to stop, the brutality never ending and the wait for those who have not yet been effected, nerve wracking.

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