WND-TV ‘NELSON MANDELA WAS A RADICAL MARXIST’ Renowned Christian minister: ‘He tried to destroy us, set his dogs on us’

Published: 21 mins ago

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Nelson Mandela was a radical Marxist and a firm advocate of abortion, pornography, homosexuality and legalizing prostitution, according to a prominent Christian missionary who was summoned to the home of the South African president.

Rev. Peter Hammond, founder of Frontline Fellowship and Africa Christian Nation, has worked for nearly 30 years helping persecuted Christians in Africa. As a result of Hammond’s visit with Mandela – in which the missionary laid hands on the president and prayed for him to see abortion for what it really is, the merciless slaughter of innocent human life – Hammond was subjected to a 13-year audit of his organization.

Don’t mourn for Mandela: Joseph Farah says man ‘wasn’t the saintly character portrayed by Morgan Freeman’

In 2010, Frontline released a set of two videos titled, “My Meeting with Nelson Mandela,” in which Hammond reveals the true character of the anti-apartheid revolutionary and recalls his visit with him at his home.

“I’m astounded that so many in the West idolize Mandela and lift him up as a messianic figure because they obviously don’t know what he teaches, what he believes or what he does – or his support for some of the most radical Marxist dictatorships on the planet with some of the worst human-rights records, such as the governments of Red China and Cuba,” Hammond declared. “He has supported these dictators wholeheartedly and received them with the greatest honors.”

Hammond said there are many Christians who idolize Mandela because they’ve been given false information about who the man really was.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/12/nelson-mandela-was-a-radical-marxist/#8W7CXZSbBVr2orEj.99

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